Distance became the disaster,

A whirlwind of bad decisions became your distraction,

I promised, I’d never let it happen,

But you insisted,

So I let you do it and think you were getting away with it,

You really played a good game,

If I didnt know your motives,

Id think nothing had changed,

But I didnt let those things go unnoticed,

Wrote them down even,

Just know it’s been noted,

Yet you seem so devoted,

Left me hopin,

That you would change,

And just maybe,

Everything could go back from where it came,

A beautiful place,

Full of love and light,

When you use to hold me tight,

All night,

Now I sleep alone,

In a home with a man I can’t even call my own,

This is not love,

This is not life,

This is torture,

And it’s killing me with pride,

And every stride, it takes,

Just another blow to the face,

Leaving me with that awful taste,

Yet I can’t seem to walk away,

So here I sit,

At your fingertips,

Letting the distance settle in,

Hoping and wishing you come near,

Take away that lingering fear,

That one day you really won’t be here…






Why do cops murder people?

Corruption, assumptions, stop, hands up, still gunned em, all to find out he aint even have nothin, dishonest, but pleads not guilty, yet the camera footage showed what you wanted to withhold, and here im still being told, he did what he did, but we have to let him go, no, no the hell you dont, I wanna see justice served, not another man left to distance our concerns, and spread his filth about the earth, committing crimes he’s supposed to stop, but no one is gonna catch him since he’s the cop, their superiors know they play these games, and thats why they get slapped on the wrist for these major crimes they commit, murder, in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree, they know how to cover their tracks and even place the blame on you and me, they know how to roll up in a park, just before dark, jump out, and fire off at the only little boy around, who just wanted to play before the sun went down, they can come and take your husband away, just because he was having a bad day, kill him in your face, and threaten to arrest you just because you tried to keep him safe, this is a disgrace, where your own home isn’t even safe, not even a warrant and their knocking down your door, all because they tried to pull someone over whose car looked like yours, they can drag a woman from her car, beat her up and throw her in jail, just to let her die in there, they can bring a man to his knees, all while he’s not fighting, only yelling God please, kill him, and leave, all because he was selling some Cds, they can arrest a man who claims self defence, but the little boy he killed isn’t here to tell the jury his side of the damn story, they can pull you over for a traffic violation and shoot your boyfriend in front of the babies, and yell at you not to move, while he bleeds out right in front of you, there’s so many cases that are happening today, that should have went another way, but we’re being told it’s ok, why they get paid leave and a vacation away, pending an investigation they didnt even make, placing hands on the bible and lying away, God gon make y’all asses pay, and I cannot fucking wait.

I’ll wait..

Your mind is being controlled by a higher power, think back to a day you woke up and prayed, wiped the sleep from your face, and did something positive for the whole human race, i’ll wait.

But I can’t wait long, the longer we wait the farther we fall, and once we hit bottom there’s no coming back at all. The system set in stone wants to see us fail, spending money we don’t have, and taking out loans we can’t pay back. Please tell me what’s the sense in that? They feed us trash and make us sick, make us buy the meds and put foreign substances under our skin, not telling us in the long term, the effects are never positive. But the man said it is good, so good it is. Although God told us to eat the fruits of the land, and to use the herbs for healing, for that is his word, yet here we go, day in and day out, spending all our money on a doctor with a degree, just to tell me I need some sleep, and thats all thats wrong with me. And yet you still believe, every lie he feed to me.

Love me until i’m me again


Love me until i’m me again,

until i pick up all my pieces again,

make you see what you seen back then,

just promise me you’ll never leave again,

and love me until i’m me again.

You asked me if I remembered,

the things we use to do,

you wanted me to see,

the things you use to,

and all while I kept my head down,

I remembered what you said,

I smiled at the thought of me,

and who I was back then.

But as I pick up the pieces,

you were there holding my hand,

helping me,

and showing me,

who I was again,

you never left my side,

and told me it was okay,

i was lost in this crazy world,

yet, with me you stayed,

i can never thank you enough,

for sticking this out with me,

loving me through it all,

even when I wasn’t me..

Unborn sins

This world is full of lies and deceit, 

it completely sickens me, 

from politics to your simple thief, 

what possess these people to make life so ugly?

We have unborn sins, 

they can’t be taken away, 

brought to us by fate, 

only thing can make it go away is faith, 

yet at the end of this wishful day, 

when we bow our heads to pray, 

do we ask to make this earth a better place?

or do we continue to ask for the things that have no meaning?

the things that make this life so misleading, 

money, power, respect, 

the three main things that many people who have it,


they regret their life, 

how they spent it, 

the people they pushed away, 

the difference they could’ve made, 

but didn’t, 

sad individuals, 

yet they do not understand, 

its not their fault, 

its those unborn sins again… 

The mystery in her eyes


The mystery in her eyes,

tells a story from her soul, 

the endless love she never had, 

the torture of control.

The smile on her face, 

always wore so thin, 

you’d think she was happy, 

until you looked within. 

And when you took the time, 

to ask if she was ok,

the look of devastation, 

said everything she couldn’t say. 



Mother, mother, 

did you hear?

Mother, mother, 

I’m right here!

My eyes are closed so I can’t see, 

But i hear you talking and it comforts me. 

Mother, mother, 

I cant talk, 

But I sure think an awful lot. 

Mother, mother, 

What is that? 

I do not like the taste of it. 

Mother, mother, 

please no more, 

I’m not growing like I should. 

Mother, mother, 

please listen to me, 

the air you breath is what I need, 

The food you eat and the drinks you drink, 

all come down here to me, 

& when you make the choices you do, 

it doesnt only affect you, 

Mother, mother, 

it affects me too!

Why wont you listen?

Youre hurting me, 

I feel like i’m drifting. 

Mother, mother, 

I have to say goodbye, 

God wants me back this time, 

But He said it’d be okay, 

Because this will help you in a way. 

Mother, mother, 

I wish you the best, 

I’m leaving now, 

God wants me to rest, 

he said this is just a test, 

and one day you’ll be my mother again, 

So mother, mother,

Please listen to him!